Cool plastic pipe crossbow

This device can also be called a hunting slingshot, since the principle of their action is similar. At the same time, thanks to the special design, the self-shooter made of plastic pipes is more powerful than the classic slingshot versions.

For the manufacture of such a cross-barrel, the following materials will be required: latex elastic bands, two nails, pieces of dense denim (you can use leather), nylon threads, as well as polypropylene pipes. All these materials can be found at home or bought in a store (they cost a penny).

The main stages of work

First of all, we bite off the hats at the nails, after which we attach latex elastic bands assembled in a bundle to the rods, and then connect them to the “charging” part of the self-shoot (also called peel or saddle), which is made of denim and thick nylon threads.

Also, for the manufacture of a crossbar, it will be necessary to use fitting elements that are used for the installation of polypropylene pipes: tees and angles of 90 degrees. From pieces of pipe and fittings we assemble an integral structure. First we make the barrel, and then the butt of the gunshot.

Nails with latex rubber bands and a “charging” part are inserted into the tee, which is attached at the very beginning of the barrel, and a trigger is installed at the other end. Butt is needed not only for convenience - it also allows you to better aim when shooting at targets.

See the video on our website for the detailed process of making a self-shot from plastic pipes.