We make an original piggy bank from a glass block

Are you tired of various "children's" piggy banks in the form of pigs, dogs and cats, and you want something simple, but at the same time original? Then why not make this "trinket" with your own hands?

Moreover, there will be very few materials required - a glass block, plywood and a wooden corner, which can be bought at a hardware store.

The first step is to drill a hole in the glass block with a diameter of 40 mm. For this, the author uses a diamond crown.

The main stages of work

Then, from a wooden furniture corner, you need to saw eight long pieces and four short pieces at a 45-degree angle.

From a piece of plywood 5 mm thick, the author cuts four boards of the same length, which will also be used in the process of making a home-made piggy bank.

In one of the plywood boards with a grinder or a jigsaw, it will be necessary to make a small cut - a slot for coins.

After that, we glue the glass block outside with a wooden corner and plywood. To do this, the author uses silicone, but you can also take liquid nails or superglue.

At the last stage, it will be necessary to paint the wooden parts. For details on how to make an original piggy bank from a glass block with your own hands, see this video.