Plasterboard router from ordinary grinder and plywood

From an ordinary grinder (angle grinder) and scraps of plywood, you can make a useful tool with your own hands, which will be useful to everyone who works hard with drywall.

In this review, the author tells how to make a simple edge milling cutter for drywall with your own hands. He removes the layer of gypsum and carefully separates the cardboard itself from the surface of the gypsum.

The first step is to cut a blank of rectangular shape from plywood. We drill a hole in it so that it can be put on the gearbox, and drill four mounting holes.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, after the plywood has been fixed, we install the disk and fix it with a clamping nut.

Then on the sides and from the back we fasten pieces of plywood, on top we fasten the lid with a hole for removing dust.

The front part is also covered with a small piece of plywood. Only the edge of the disc should look out.

At the last stage, it remains only to fix the handle, so that it is convenient to hold the adapt in the process. Then we connect the hose of the vacuum cleaner, and you can test this homemade product.

For details on how to make a simple milling cutter for drywall from ordinary grinder and pieces of plywood, we recommend that you watch in the video on our website.