How to cut a plastic pipe in a hard to reach place

It often happens that a PVC sewer pipe is laid close to the wall or even laid in a recess. It’s not possible to get close to it to trim it with a special tool. So what then to do? But there can be many such examples, and not only with a sewer pipe, but also with polypropylene pipes of large or small diameter, which are also located in inaccessible places.
There is a rather simple way out of such situations.

Will need

  • Nylon or nylon thread (there is no shortage of them - they are in any sewing store).

Other types of cotton thread will not work. Actually nothing more is needed. Only rags to eliminate leaks, if any, and HB gloves.

We cut a pipe in an inaccessible place

Everything is simple. We unwind about a meter of thread from the spool, it is not necessary to cut it off - you can simply hold it in your hand. We start the thread for the pipe.

If there are gloves, then it is better to wear them. We pull the thread with both hands at the place where you want to cut. And we begin to drive the thread pulling one hand towards us, then the other.

The pipe must be securely fixed so that it does not tear out. If not, ask someone to hold it while you are sawing.
In a minute or two the pipe will be sawn.

It is quite simple, but it requires skill. Cases when the thread breaks during cutting are not uncommon - it does not matter, take another and continue.
See the video for a real example of using this “in place” method.