Mini circular from grinder with a saw blade on wood

A homemade mini circular saw assembled from a small grinder with a saw blade on wood can be a temporary alternative to a manual circular saw, which not every master has in the workshop.

This tool is suitable for sawing plywood sheets. Sawing up boards up to 20 mm thick can also be done with such an upgraded grinder, but care must be taken when using the tool.

Alternatively, a mini circular tool from a small grinder can be used to saw laminated fiberboard, because it is long and tedious with a jigsaw. The process of making homemade products is quite simple: you just need to make a supporting platform.

The main stages of work

First of all, it will be necessary to cut out a 14x12 cm rectangular plate. Then we mark and drill two holes in it. Next, using a jigsaw with a file for metal or a grinder with a cutting disc, cut a slot.

At the next stage, we cut out two small plates with a length of 6 cm. In one of them, we drill a through hole - it will be attached to the grinder with a bolt. The second plate needs to be welded to the base. You need to weld the first to it, having previously screwed it to the grinder.

We clean the welds with a petal disk, install an angle grinder, and then attach the saw blade to the tree. For a detailed process of making mini circulars from a grinder, see the video on the website.