Convenient electric washing machine from washing machine

From the engine from the washing machine you can make a convenient and compact cleaning machine, which is useful both in the garage and in the home workshop. Make this machine is not difficult.

In addition to the electric motor from the washing machine itself, you will also need a building corner (you can find used in the country or buy in a store). From the corner you need to cut off several pieces of different lengths.

When all the necessary workpieces are cut, you can begin to manufacture the bed for the grinding machine. To do this, first a rectangular frame is welded from four segments, and then four more vertical posts from the building corner will need to be welded to it.

The main stages of work

At the next stage, the master welds horizontal jumpers, which are also made of a corner, to the uprights on the bed. And after that, the washer motor is placed in a "cage" welded for it.

Then you need to cut off three more pieces of the corner and weld a U-shaped frame from them. It will need to be welded to the front of the frame. A working table will then be attached to it for more convenient processing of workpieces and parts.

At the last stage of work, it remains only to install the power button and make a disk for attaching the abrasive wheel. Then the final assembly is performed.

Details on how to make a convenient cleaning machine from an electric motor from a washer can be found in the video on the website.