An easy way to bend a PVC pipe at home

Sometimes it may be necessary to bend the PVC pipe - for example, in the manufacture of any crafts or for other reasons: there are no standard corners or a place that does not crawl.

How can this be done at home? Yes, it’s very simple - by heating the pipe in the place where the bend should be. But there is one important point.

If you simply heat the PVC pipe over a gas burner or using a burner, and then bend it, the result in this case will not please you. It will turn out as in the photo below.

However, you can use one little trick, and then the geometry of the fold will be correct.

We bend PVC pipe quickly and accurately

First of all, it is necessary to plug the end of the pipe with masking tape - for reliability, several layers can be glued.

Further, on the other side of the pipe, the author pours fine sand and then also seals with masking tape. That, in fact, is the whole trick. Now you can proceed to the next step.

We heat a PVC pipe with sand over a gas burner or with a gas burner. Then we bend the tube as we need. That’s all. We remove masking tape, pour sand.

In detail about how to bend a PVC pipe at home, you can see in the video on our website.