Table lamp with hidden wireless charger

The workspace on the desk should be as comfortable and thoughtful as possible. Believe me, a lot depends on this.

And therefore, the idea of ​​making a desktop LED lamp with a hidden wireless charger is very relevant.

To make such a lamp, you need an LED lamp with a switch and the ability to connect via USB.

We will make a stand and a lamp housing from two species of wood: walnut and cherry.

Well, why not? Aesthetics in the workplace is also of no small importance.

The main stages of work

In the body (stand) of the lamp with the help of a milling cutter we select a groove under the aluminum channel.

After that, make markings and drill holes to connect the rack to the stand.

Next, in the stand we make a "seat" for the charging wireless station and a groove for the wire.

At the next stage, it remains only to connect the wires and assemble the lamp housing completely. But before that, the stand and case are covered with mineral oil or varnish.

Details on how to make an LED table lamp with a hidden wireless charger can be found in the video on our website.