Stone candlestick

There are a huge number of stone products, but I want to teach you how to make unique stone candle holders. Rather, our material will become a stone over time, in 3-4 days. The process of making stone will not cause difficulties. And the materials will not bring large cash costs. But the pleasure of the process and, even more so, of the result you get. I assure you!
Well, let's start with the selection of material. And not so much is needed:
- coffee grounds, worked and dried (if you just take ground coffee, it will paint our stone in an unnatural color),
- flour
- PVA glue.
For decoration, I used linen twine and artificial green twigs. First, mix the dry ingredients in the following proportions: 2 parts coffee grounds, 3 parts flour

Then we add PVA glue - 1.5 parts.

Knead well and get the mixture, like a cool dough. If the mass turned out to be liquid, you can add flour, but if on the contrary it is too steep, add water.

Our mass is ready, now we form a stone. The shape can be the most diverse, for example, round, like a sea pebble or broken like granite. It all depends on your taste, preference and imagination.

The next step is to decorate our candlestick. Insert a candle first to form a hole. I used a candle-pill, but again you rely on your taste. Next, you can stick beads, shells, beads, insert green branches and tie with twine. I got it like this

Now we put the semifinished product of the candlestick in the corner and forget about it for 3-4 days, unfortunately, it will dry just that much, however if you wait and don’t touch it (the hole for the candle may be deformed from touching), then you get the result like this

Imagine, create and surprise yourself and others.
Good luck