Lamb Nyasha

I propose to tie a good sheep - a symbol of the coming year. Indeed, according to the eastern calendar, the patroness of the coming year will be the Sheep (Goat). Many needlewomen strive to make this symbol with their own hands, so the crafts of lambs and goats are very relevant today. To get started, you need to prepare materials and tools. For knitting we need gray acrylic yarn, Yarn Art Rabbit, hook number 2.

A needle with a large eye for stitching parts and a filler for toys.

Tip: To knit a tummy and other fluffy elements, you can use yarn of the type Mahra. Boucle will also look good.
Each detail of a lamb is knitted according to a certain pattern. Abbreviations and terms that are found in the schemes:
Art. - column;
next article - next column;
b n - single crochet;
VP - air loop;
decrease - 2 stitches knit one.
We start work with knitting the body according to the scheme.

It turns out such a fluffy bag.

We begin to knit the head from the muzzle to the back with a gray thread. The resulting sac is gradually filled with padding polyester. We knit, based on the diagram below.

Note. After 27 rows we change the thread to fluffy and continue to knit the head of the lamb Nyasha. That’s Nyasha’s head ready. Now we proceed to revitalize the sheep’s head. First, we knit the eyes, which will consist of two elements: the eye itself and the pupil. We start knitting with a white thread according to the following pattern, 2 pieces. We stuff with a filler in the process of knitting.

Next, we make the pupils. We knit a black thread with an amigurumi ring of 6-7 loops, depending on the desired size. We knit two such rings. Thus, we get two details: the eyeball is white and the black circle is the pupil.

Now you need to tie the ears. We knit two parts in the presented sequence.

It turns out two small circles.

To give them the shape of the ears, we sew a little lower edges as shown below in the photo.

Now collect the head. Sew on the gray bag first eyes (circles of white yarn, then a black pupil), ears. We take the black threads and sew the nose. That's all. The head is done.

Getting to knitting hands. We also knit according to the scheme.

Also, as with head knitting, in the 27th row, you can optionally replace the thread with fluffy and continue knitting, but you can leave the gray one.

When the hands are ready, proceed to knitting the legs. We knit two parts according to the scheme.

In row 35, you can replace the thread with fluffy.

When all parts of the sheep are connected, we proceed to stitch them. But before that, on finished knitted legs and handles, with a black thread at the bottom, we sew the separation so that it looks like a hoof. First of all, hands and feet are sewn to the body, and then the head. Lamb Nyasha is ready!

At will, you can put on an animal. For example, knit a scarf or dress in a dress, skirt. The height of the finished toy is about 45 centimeters. Nyasha will be a great gift in anticipation of the New Year holidays. Moreover, this gift will please not only a child, but also an adult.